Bringing tourism back to bushfire-affected communities.

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Empty Esky is a not-for-profit organisation, which aims to bring tourists back to communities in need.

We take you on fun adventures, across varied and existing tourist amenities, such as campgrounds, hiking areas and rural hotels, that have been affected by the recent bushfires.

Our aim is to help communities sustainably rebuild thier tourism market, by bringing visitors to purchase local goods and services, and to fill up their empty eskies!

"When these fires have stopped, we will go with empty eskies, empty bags and low fuel. We will spend our money in their communities, stay in their hotels, buy from their shops, camp at their campgrounds and buy their gifts, their fuel, their bread and their milk.

Beyond rebuilding, these communities need continued and long term support to get back on their feet, and your empty eskies will make more of a difference than you could ever imagine."

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